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Lighting Your Fire

Some general advice and tips

On the day of your installation, the installer should have taken time with you to show you how to operate your new stove. Stoves vary but follow the same general principles. You will need:





2 Small Split Logs


Your stove will have AIr Controls and for example on a Mendip stove there is  a Universal Air Control that controls the Primary and Secondary source of air flow. The following points are based on Mendip stoves but can be used as guidelines for most stoves:

"I am so pleased with the wood burner. Thank you again for some great work and advice. i will definitely recommend you."

(Mrs Sale - Banstead)

Pull out the Universal Air Control so it is in the 'open' position


The lever should also be to the left which allows the Primary supply of air (maximum air supply)


Place a couple of firelighters on the bed of the stove


Surround the firelighters with a pile of kindling, allowing space for air to pass between the kindling


Place 2 small split logs on top of the kindling


Light firelighters


Leave the door ajar on the latch allowing air in from the side


Allow the fire 5-10 minutes to establish


Add 1 further log


Close the door fully


Adjust the air control to a central position between Primary and Secondary (for a further 10 minutes)


Adjust the Air Control to the Secondary position (right) and push in 50%


Your fire should be established





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