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Oak Beams

Made to measure Rustic Oak Beams

Our Natural Oak Beams are prepared by hand to meet your requirements. A made to measure service, supply only or supplied and installed. Available in different thicknesses.

These beams are Green Oak that has been air dried, hand sawn and sanded down to a smooth finish. Each beam whilst drying takes on it's own character. Each will have it's own individual characteristics - cracks, knots, scallops etc. As an additional service we can also stain, wax or paint to your own taste.

Please Note: Over time you can expect to see some movement within the oak as it dries and settles in it's position. An Oak Beam located near a heat source is likely to have exaggerated movement, potentially incurring additional splits and cracks which can vary in depth and severity. The unique nature and formation of an Oak Beam does not fall under the responsibility of Surrey Burners and is simply the 'nature of the beam.'

"I am very pleased with the log burner.....the fitters didn't leave any mess at all" 

(Sara Morris - Banstead)

Oak Beam with Antique Pine Stain

Antique Pine

Oak Beam withTeak Oil Stain

Teak Oil

Oak Beam with Walnut Stain


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