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Fuel Delivery Service

At Surrey Burners we offer a fuel delivery service which removes the issue of 'self-sourcing' especially if you haven't the time. We will deliver to your property at a prearranged date and time with the required load of each specific fuel type. If you struggle for storage space, don't worry as we can supply all of our fuels in smaller, convenient netted bags. An example of fuel types and what you can expect to receive are shown below. Please note this service is only available for customers that have purchased their stove through Surrey Burners.


All logs supplied by Surrey Burners are sourced locally. The quality of your wood is important to the efficient workings of your stove. Seasoned Logs should have no more than 20% moisture content and Kiln Dried Logs, no greater than 5% moisture content. For peace of mind, it's easy to check the amount of moisture content in your wood with one of our Moisture Meters (pictured below).

Logs - Kiln Dried and Seasoned Available

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