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Log Burner FAQS

Have another question about your log burner? Call Us.....

Now you have decided that you are interested in purchasing a wood burner, what do you need to consider? Here at Surrey Burners, we have put together some points in a question and answer fashion which should hopefully help. Of course, we are always at the end of a phone or email if you would like a direct response.



1. What factors should influence my stove choice?


This will mainly come down to your personal taste, if you prefer a traditional or contemporary design. Consider the size of your room where the stove will sit and how big the stove needs to be. Finally, your budget.


2. Do I live in a smoke controlled area?


Many towns and cities now are smoke controlled areas which require DEFRA exempt stoves (we supply these) or only burn smokeless fuels, such as anthracite on a multi fuel stove. Please check the DEFRA web site to find out more or ask us to help. 


3. What size stove will I need?


In general 1kW of heat output is needed for every 14 cubic metres of space. Measure your room / space in metres. Measure the length, width and height which should be multiplied together. Then divide the answer by 14.


e.g Length of 7m, Width of 4m, Height of 2.5m = 70 cubic metres


Divide 70 by 14 = 5kW Stove


4. Do I need to have an existing chimney?


No. In this case our arranged HETAS installer will construct a 'twin wall' system and external flue. Planning permission is not usually required. This is slightly more expensive than using an existing chimney.


5. Should I have my chimney swept pre installation?


This will depend on when your chimney was last swept. As a rule, chimneys should be swept once per year. This will continue once your new stove has been installed. We are able to arrange this for you if necessary.


6. What is the general procedure once I have contacted Surrey Burners?


Once you have contacted us, we will arrange for a free, no obligation on site survey. This will either be carried out by a Surrey Burners Sales Representative or HETAS installer. On the site survey we evaluate the size of stove necessary, general condition of the installation area and discuss the installation process with you. If permitted, a series of internal and external photographs will be taken for our records. At this point we can also identify from our brochures what range of burners interest you and importantly to have an idea of your intended timescale. Once we have this information, we will put together a job summary and costing for you via email for you to evaluate in your own time and to consider any more questions.


7. Can I just buy a stove from Surrey Burners without the committment of installation?


Of course. We are a retail outlet that can just supply the stove if you so wish. We aim to be competitive on price, hence supplying installers within the trade


8. What is a HETAS Installer?


If an installation is requested we will arrange for a HETAS installer to fit your stove. HETAS is the governing body for biomass and solid fuel heating appliances, fuels and services, as well as the registration of competent installers. We always use HETAS installers who sign off the job certifying that they have completed the installation to the required standard


9. What fuel should I use?


The main fuel of course is wood, for wood burning stoves. For Multi Fuel stoves, you can use wood and coal. In addition to this you will need kindling, firelighters and long length matches


10. Can I use any wood in my stove?


No. The wood needs to be dry, the term used is 'seasoned.' Generally this means that it has been kept dry at least for up to a year. Moisture content should be less than 20%. Hardwood logs are the best type of wood to use. Kiln dried logs are the very best and contain a moisture content of less tahn 5%. We recommend purchasing a moisture content meter to ensure your logs are to the required standard.


11. What can I expect from the Fuel Delivery Service that Surrey Burners offers?


We offer this service so that essentially you never run out of fuel and can always enjoy your stove as you wish. We assess how much wood and/or coal you are likely to be using and prearrange fuel delivery for you. This can be in bulk or standard log sacks and coal bags.

You can of course contact us at any time for a delivery if fuel is required sooner than your prearranged date. This also removes the worry of log storage if you haven't got a lot of spare space.


12. Will I receive any After Sales Service?


Most definitely. At Surrey Burners it's important to us that you are happy, not just with the product and the delivery time but also the manner in which it was installed. We closely monitor this and respect any feedback you have for us to maintain our reputation and high standards. We will regularly be in contact before, during and after you have received our service


13. Do the burners require maintenance?


Apart from being kept clean (which is simple) and undertaking the annual chimney sweep, we also offer an Annual Visit to check your burner and replace any parts if necessary. This not only gives you peace of mind but also keeps your burner in tip top condition


14. Do I need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?


Yes. To comply with Building Regulations introduced in October 2010. Further details can be found on the HETAS web site





"Many thanks for all your great advice and guidance, the installation chaps were a pleasure to have in the house and we are delighted with the results. It is exactly all we had hoped for." (Chris Hoad - Banstead)

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